John O Neill has experience of managing over £700m of prestigious and complex projects spanning 25 years in London.  His Development Partnership service brings this into play for a selected number of clients – optimising opportunities and giving assured peace of mind.

Development Partnerships 

With our Development Partnership service we can bring this into play for a selected number of clients optimising opportunity and giving assured peace of mind.
How it works:
  • Client has property to develop & wishes to see it through to optimise return or keep ownership and benefit from majority share of realised profit potential retaining control
  • Equity and funding source introduced where require and appropriate to each situation.
  • Open legal structure agreed to suit circumstances
  • Budgets prepared and profit projections agreed looking at downside being covered first and foremost.
  • Project time period agreed with the Principal of each organisation personally involved in the contract sign off
  • Designers selected after concept presentations and with the right chemistry mix
  • All building works priced and agreed in first instance before contractor appointment on a fixed price team contract based on final account not unrealistic tender
  • 3D virtual model walk through before work begins and no surprises
  • Sample products and sample build models for client approval
  • Access to the private national and international high net worth circle
  • Agreed donation to national and international charity jointly agreed based on success achieved


  • Roundtable collaborative creation and delivery of property development opportunities, and sharing rewards with partners
  • Services focused on the London market
  • Bringing innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in making things happen
  • Working with the selected best-of-class partners for each opportunity, with trust built over 25 years of hard work and relationships built in London
  • Working for and with private wealth, Institutional Investors and selected joint venture partners
  • Construction joint venture Partner John Paul Construction Group for selected opportunities.